‘The King of Pop’ would have been 60 this year. In this latest post, Andrew Wright explores the demise of the singers Neverland Ranch and his move back to Los Angeles.

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson. ‘The King Of Pop’ would have been 60 today.

I was inspired to write this latest ‘Blog Post’ after watching a documentary about the singers life recently. Coincidentally, it also coincided with my latest visit to Los Angeles so I took the opportunity to head to Beverley Hills to see if I could see Michael Jackson’s house.

In his latter years and after moving out of the famous Neverland Ranch, Michael lived here in this modest property in Beverley Hills.

His finances were in a dire state towards the end of his life. Michael was forced to leave his Neverland Ranch as the banks threatened foreclosure. It is hard to believe that despite owning The Beatles back catalogue, and the income from royalties from his songs, the singers finances were in such a dire state. That said, he’d not produced any new material in years and yet was still spending 2 Million Dollars a month to support himself.

One of the main reasons that Michael Jackson was persuaded to tour again with sponsorship from AEG was to bring in income and to pay debts.

His choice of property in Beverley Hills was a smart one as rehearsals for the tour were taking place at the Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles which just a short drive away.

Andrew Wright


Andrew Wright is a highly experienced media professional with over three decades of experience working in the broadcast and online industry managing on air programmes and websites for some of the UK’s largest broadcasters.


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