Israel’s Ministry of Tourism Turns To Social Media To Atrract Tourists

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Israel’s Ministry of Tourism has launched a new commercial advertising campaign promoting Israel as a leading holiday desti

February 2023


Israel’s Ministry of Tourism has launched a new commercial advertising campaign promoting Israel as a leading holiday destination for tourists from both the UK, Europe and the US. Targeting key online platforms including Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram the campaign’s ‘digital first’ advertising strategy is focused towards highlighting Israel’s individuality as a destination and establishing a personal connection with visitors. Israel’s Ministry of Tourism have looked to highlight the country’s diversity, contrasts, history, people and places. Predominantly focused on consumers looking to book their next holiday, the campaign video highlights some of the lesser known, surprise activities available in Israel, using the country’s vast array of opportunities to its advantage and ensuring viewers are left wanting to know more.

Due to the campaign’s online nature, and in a conscious effort to move away from linear television campaigns, the advertising strategy involves attracting a dynamic target audience, with platforms including TikTok used as a tool to meet online users at multiple vantage points. Whilst Israel’s Ministry of Tourism limited all campaigns and advertising operations worldwide during the pandemic, due to a 9% increase in tourism figures in January 2023 when compared to pre-pandemic levels in January 2019, the Ministry has resumed strategies to ultimately continue this positive upward trajectory. The campaign has specifically targeted countries in which Israel saw a large increase in inbound tourism between 2016-2019, including the US, UK, France, Italy and Germany. Part of this innovative strategy will involve an ‘always-on’ online presence throughout the year using world-class smart TV platforms, as data received from media including Google has shown that consumers are booking holidays all-year-round, with a spike at the start of the year.

In addition, in the UK specifically, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism will also be launching £280,000 worth of outdoor advertising in London containing slogans from the campaign. The campaign is expected to arrive between February and March 2023 as this period is frequently characterised by searches for spring and summer holiday bookings.

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