LAX Projects 12 Million Passengers March-April For Spring Break Travel

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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is anticipating a busy spring break travel period that is expected to draw more than 12 million passengers to the airport between March and April.

LOS ANGELES – March 2nd, 2023.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has told Beyond The Boardwalk that it is anticipating a busy spring break travel period that is expected to draw more than 12 million passengers to the airport between March and April. The increase in passenger and vehicle traffic will make this spring break the most traveled at LAX since 2019, and guests are encouraged to plan their journey ahead of time for a smooth travel experience.

“With the demand for travel set to increase this season, we look forward to sharing all the ways in which LAX has implemented new technology to make the passenger experience more seamless,” said Justin Erbacci, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles World Airports. “From our award-winning smart parking system that allows you to pre-book a parking space, to our food and beverage online ordering with LAX Order Now, to pre-booking a window to go through security screening with LAX Fast Lane, we ask our passengers to take advantage of these offerings and more to help ensure a great start and end to your spring vacation.”

While the spring break period is spread out over two-months, the airport is expected to see an average of 195,000 passengers per day in March, which is 82% of the passenger volume compared to March 2019, and an average of 204,000 passengers per day in April, which is 85% of the passenger volume compared to April 2019.

Vehicle traffic in the Central Terminal Area also is expected to continue increasing during the travel period, with an estimated average of 78,500 vehicles per day in March and 81,000 vehicles per day in April. With heavy traffic around the airport and parking garages nearing full capacity, guests are highly encouraged to reserve a parking space online ahead of time at, which allows guests to book a space in the LAX Economy Parking facility, as well as the Central Terminal Area garages. Pre-booking is the only way travelers will have a guaranteed space at the airport.

Travelers also are asked to consider using alternative transportation including the LAX FlyAway, or get dropped off at the LAX Economy Parking Facility and use the free terminal shuttle there. LAX Economy Parking offers a 24-hour, frequent and free shuttle service from the facility to the terminals, and uses a dedicated lane within the Central Terminal Area to provide the fastest service possible.

Passengers traveling with United Airlines may also participate in the LAX Fast Lane program, which allows travelers using Terminals 7 and 8 to reserve a 15-minute window at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening areas for the fastest service using a dedicated lane, at no cost.

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