On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I did something completely different and ventured out one evening to the Ma Vista Comedy Festival in Culver City near Los Angeles.

When away in the USA I am very much a creature of habit.

I spend my days on the beach or sightseeing and my evenings curled up in the hotel room watching my favourite TV shows including Madam Secretary, NCIS Los Angeles and Modern Family to name but a few.

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I ventured out one evening to the Ma Vista Comedy Festival in Culver City and I was glad I did.

‘Social Media Friend’ Radio Host and Comedian Maggi Mayfield was doing ‘Stand Up’ comedy in Culver City just a short drive from where I was staying in Gardena.

It was a great evening with a variety of comedians doing seven minute sets over two hours. I loved the venue too. The FanaticSalon Theater, on Sawtelle Blvd is a stunning small intimate venue.

After the show we chatted Radio and comedy and life in general before I headed back to the hotel.

If you’re ever in Los Angles and fancy a night of comedy check out Maggi Mayfield’s website for dates when she’s performing.

I certainly haven’t laughed this much in ages and had a enjoyable night out.


Andrew Wright


Andrew Wright is a highly experienced media professional with over three decades of experience working in the broadcast and online industry managing on air programmes and websites for some of the UK’s largest broadcasters.


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